Audex AS Range

Industries and Applications

The Audex AS range of submersible pumps are pre-dominantly used in quarrying for general duties such as handling dirty water or wash-plant feed. AS pumps are additionally used in mining, civil engineer- ing and construction.

Audex AS models with a power rating ranging from 22kW to 75kW are also suitable for pre-dewatering of deep wells and high head dewatering.

Pump Performance

Audex AS pumps provide you with a highly reliable and efficient solution with minimal running costs and repairs. Along with a rugged build utilising wear-resistant materials, they offer an impressive performance: achieving a discharge of up to 16,000 litres/minute with a head of up to 130m.

Build and Design

Reliable, industry-proven and affordable, Audex AS pumps are available in a range of sizes, from 3” to 10” discharge. This durable range of pumps have cast-iron bodies and motors, while their mechanical seals are resistant to high pressures, allowing the pumps to be deeply submerged. A semi-open impeller made from high chrome and ductile-iron wear plate improve durability. The pump motors are hermetically sealed.

The AS 10-5500 TR has an outer casing made of epoxy coated steel and features nitrile rubber lined diffuser/wear plate.

All AS pumps have a top outlet allowing the user to submerge the pump in a confined area if needs be, while the pumps are fitted with lifting eyes for quick and easy deployment and suspension.