Audex AW & AW Pro Range

Industries & Applications

Audex AW and AW Pro are submersible pumps with agitators ideal for handling dirty water and slurry. They have been designed and built for use in the abrasive applications found on quarries, recycling plants and on ready mixed concrete sites. Reliable, industry-proven and affordable, the pumps offer exceptional service life with minimum running costs and repairs.

The Audex AW Range

The Audex AW 2-040 (2”) and the AW 3-075 (3”) submersible dewatering pumps are predominantly used as contractor pumps for site drainage duties, for example where the water contains sand and silt in suspension. A ductile iron vortex impeller is fitted to both models, which enables solids handling and offers excellent wear resistance. A built-in shaft mounted agitator keeps the solids in suspension and minimises clogging.

The larger Audex AW pumps, 2-150 to 8-2200, are heavy-duty submersible slurry pumps ideal for the harsh conditions found in heavy industries such as quarries or recycling plants. They have a top discharge enabling installation in confined spaces. They come with cast-iron impeller and wear plates for increased lifetime, and a cast-iron agitator for smoother pumping of solids-laden fluids.

The Audex AW Pro Range

The Audex AW Pro range consists of four dirty water pumps – the 2-150 TA, the 2-220 TA, 3-370 TA and the 4-370 TA. The AW Pro range includes all of the features of the standard AW range plus an intelligent control system (ICS) giving you complete protection for your pump.

AW Pro Features & Benefits

Audex AW Pro pumps will not run if they are wired up incorrectly. This prevents damage to mechanical seals and the impeller which can result from running backwards. The pump turns off if:

  • A phase goes down from the power supply
  • The motor is overloaded
  • The impeller gets jammed
  • Incorrect voltage is sensed

This prevents the motor from burning out and prevents mechanical damage to the pump. The pump will try to restart after five minutes – if the problem still persists it will wait another five minutes before trying again.

Audex AW Pro pumps feature an automatic level control. This prevents damage to the pump from running dry, takes away the need for a control panel and saves power as the pump only runs when it needs to. There is a 60 second time lag from when the level sensor is activated. This is to prevent a false start and reduce the amount of times the motor starts/stops The pump also stores malfunction history. This allows for correct diagnostics if the pump fails and helps with future preventative action.