Audex Discharge Unit

Discharges of site drainage from quarry activities to surface waters are water discharge activities (WDA.) The Environment Agency issues WDA permits to prevent harm to the receiving environ- ment. These usually set numeric limits to control containments present in the discharge.

The Audex Discharge Unit is a solution for the quarrying industry, designed to accurately measure this recycled water, to ensure that the water dis- charged fits within predefined parameters regarding pH, solids levels, and volume of water.

Due to the importance of environmental sustainability and the environmental agency regulations – with potentially very large fines – Audex has developed this product along with industry leading measuring equipment manufacturers to provide a hassle-free and simple way of reducing the risk of introducing contaminated water into the environment.

Available in various different combinations of sensors and response actions, the standard Discharge Units can measure the volume of water discharged, its pH and any suspended solids being transported and act on this information for example to generate an alarm or turn the pump off (the pump can be integrated in the unit). Bespoke sensors and other actions, such as connecting to a PC, are also available as required.