With around 1,300 quarries in the UK alone, the quarrying industry requires durable, high-performance equipment that can stand the toughest and most rugged environments where water and solids need to be removed or controlled.

Audex pumps and products have been incorporated in the following operations:

  • To handle the run-off water from wheel wash systems
  • Audex pumps are used feed water to wash plants.
  • Audex are also able to supply bespoke pontoons ideal for use in quarry lagoons. The pontoons are suitable for various types of pumps including submersible and horizontal centrifugal pumps and can handle impressive payloads.
  • Audex pumps are ideal for quarry dewatering. Available in both diesel and electric options, AD pumps are ideal for solids handling, come with a choice of engine and are can be built upon a durable mobile site trolley.