Recycling is a diverse industry with a wide range of applications and requirements. As more and more products are recycled, process and techniques are improving. This is leading to a growing number of aggressive and abrasive by-products.

Audex pumps are ideal for handling aggressive applications. Below we detail five key industries where the pumps have been successfully utilised.

Metal Recycling 

Processes used in the recycling of metal include dust suppression/collection, washing, cooling and the separation of differing materials. Audex pumps are used for sumps and lower solids percentages and excel in these applications, being hard wearing, long lasting pumps designed to handle aggressive fluids.

Anaerobic Digestion

For initial mixing and transporting the waste, pumps like the Audex AW submersible range are often used due to their large solids capability and built in agitators.

Recycled Process Water

Nearly all industrial recycling plants use water at some stage in the process, usually for applications such as washing, sorting/segregating different types of waste, cooling (heat exchangers), for dust suppression and as an additive to the main waste, so as to be able to transport it.

This means that once the water has been separated from the waste at the end of the process it normally contains particles from the waste, such as silt (in aggregate recycling), metal fines (metal recycling), etc. – when this fluid is put back into the process it makes it difficult to pump as it is now an abrasive fluid. Audex submersible pumps are ideal for recovering this fluid as they are designed to handle abrasive fluids efficiently.

Recycled Aggregates

Typical pump applications include silt underflow, clean water feed, filter press, cyclone feed and water recirculation. Audex pumps excel when it comes to these applications as they are hard wearing, long lasting pumps designed to handle aggressive fluids.


Common pumps on landfill sites are self-priming centrifugal pumps, such as the Audex AD range, and small submersible pumps which are often pneumatically operated.

The Audex AD pump range is a proven, hassle free self-priming pump powered by electric or diesel energy sources, developed with ease of maintenance and customer peace of mind as a key focus. Being mounted on a durable trolley design gives this pump a great flexibility on site while also covering the most frequently needed duty points.